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Debora Ottaviani

Artist | My self portraits | Italian

Today we have the pleasure of presenting you the delicate and beautiful art of Debora Ottaviani.

Debora’s portfolio is constructed with dreamy and emotional self-portraits. With a plain background and brilliant use of colours, she brings volume and passion to her feminine and powerful images we cannot take our eyes out.

“My name is Debora, I’m 36 years old and I’m Italian. I’ve always had artistic interests and, if I think about it, I can say that for all my life I looked at images. Over the years, while continuing my studies to become an art history teacher, I became passionate about sculpture. My subjects were often my dreams or mythological tales rediscovering and giving them new life with naive colours and shapes.

Photography came later: during the period of lockdown in 2020.

I needed to mentally escape from everyday life and so this path began. In my self-portraits there is a lot of what I wrote: there are women of the myth, there is another me who dreams, explores and feels in perfect harmony when surrounded by branches, flowers and butterflies. My photos’ inspiration is often found between the pages of a book or the notes of a song, but sometimes I feel the need to write what my photographic composition will be like while other times I draw it.

When I post something on Instagram, I always accompany my photos with phrases: often these are quotes, sometimes real titles. My Instagram profile is, therefore, for me a sort of diary where I can externalize and store emotions and where the undisputed protagonist is my body.” (Debora)

If you would like to get in touch or know more of her wonderful art, please visit her Instagram profile in @debora.ottaviani.

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